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Affiliations and Affiliate Links


As a teacher of communications, I often recommend books. When a link to a book appears on this site, it should be assumed to be an affiliate link to Amazon.com’s page for that title. This will be true even for titles I don’t recommend, but only mention. I want my readers to be able to choose to purchase and read even books I’m not fond of.

Authors of Books

I do not receive compensation from the authors or publishers of books to review or mention those books. If I do receive compensation to take notice of any product, I will disclose that when the product is reviewed or mentioned.

Other Affiliations

Other than links to Amazon.com, there are no affiliate links on this website.


All material on this site is licensed under a Creative Commons license requiring attribution, non-commercial use, and share-alike provisions. It is acceptable to make derivative works in compliance with the other requirements of this license.

Copyrighted Materials

On this site, I intend to respect copyright in all my use of materials I do not originate. If you believe that I have not complied with copyright related to any material you find here, please use the contact page to inform me, and I will bring the site into full compliance as quickly as possible.

Licensed Music

The theme music for Word Shots is “Cue the Moose”, by Gary Paul Bryant, and is used by license.


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