Why I Listen to Grammar Girl

Grammar Girl devotee official badge

Mignon Fogarty is Grammar Girl

“Word Shots” is an advanced course in using the English language to communicate. One of its catch-phrases is “graduate from grammar”. So why do I keep recommending Grammar Girl?

I said it in Episode 4:

 …even after the many years I’ve worked as a writer and editor, I’m still sometimes surprised to learn something there that I’d overlooked. And I’m always grateful to be reminded of what I already knew, because English is so complex that if we’re not careful, we can sometimes forget the good things we know. Besides the content, I appreciate Grammar Girl’s presentation. Her explanations are carefully thought through and wonderfully clear.

But there’s a little bit to add. Perhaps what I like best about GG is that she isn’t taking on the immensely difficult subject of English, as too many others do, in order to sound erudite or clever or superior. In what she does, she maintains a singular focus on helping people improve their writing. She’s building something of an empire as a language maven. And she’s doing it the old-fashioned way: she’s earning it.

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