An Ultimate Guide to using Crown IV Vape

The next generation of vaping is gaining popularity now. People are using pod systems for vaping and leaving cigarettes. What are the reasons to change cigarettes with vaping products? Do you know? Why are people taking vaping pods in 2022?

The answer is the outstanding and long-lasting flavors with many other things, such as colors that interested the fans more. If you want to choose the best quality products in vaping pods, Uwell is the best brand and manufacturing that produce high-quality products in crown vape. People are using crown vapes and want the best quality product for them. So, we are here with the best crown vapes on

This guide is for you if you’re one of the fortunate vapers who just bought the Crown IV and want a guide about it. For you to have the most pleasant vape of your life, we’ll walk you through how to use this gadget. Let’s discuss the guide;

Step-by-Step Guide to using the Crown Vapes

Here is an ultimate guide to using the crown vapes and all the information you need to know, including the directory to use healthy crown 4;

· Step #1: Take the Crown Uwell Product

First, take the Uwell Crown IV Mod out of the packaging. Place the box of the crown vape somewhere safe while keeping the other components inside. The additional parts will be helpful in the future.

· Step #2:  Put the Batteries

The second step is to put the battery. You have to unhinge the battery door on its base should be opened. Put two 18650 batteries that have been fully charged into the battery compartment. After that, shut the battery door firmly.

· Step 3: Place the Coil

Hold the tank and place the coil in the center to use the crown Uwell in this step. Wave plays an essential role in it.

· Step #4: Filling

The next step is to fill the crown vape. It would help if you continued to fill it with vape juice until the maximum fill line is reached. It is the most crucial step to use crown 4 effectively.

· Step #5: Tight the Sub Ohm Tank

Tighten the sub-ohm tank’s threaded connectors to the mod. Tight the screw to make sure the connection is suitable and safe.

· Step #6: Turn on the Crown Vape

Turn on your Crown IV by properly announcing the power button’s on/off switch. The user documentation with this tweak tells you how many times you should push the power button.

· Step #7: Start Programming

Thanks to the sizable OLED display panel, you can easily adjust your numerous preferences. This device features multiple output modes, a wattage mode, and a temperature control suite, in addition to other features. You can start and enjoy the fantastic flavor and taste.


The Uwell crown IV is the best option if you want a user-friendly and low-maintenance device for smoking. There are many fantastic flavors and colors available in it. The Uwell Crown IV mod kit is an excellent vape mod with plenty of taste and performance.