How to Dye Highlight Wigs

Buying a highlight wig is slowly becoming every lady’s dream. When wigs first came new, it was only about looking better without necessarily touching your hair. Also, it provided a platform for people with ailments to still look good. But today, wigs have become more about fashion than being effective. Wigs now come in different designs, lengths and colors. Based on the color classification, one wig type that is becoming very popular is the highlight wig. Highlight wigs are similar to blonde wigs because they adopt the brown colour. But this time, the Highlight Wigs have a darker shade of brown, highlighted with other colors. This double color synchronizes so well that everyone who sees the highlight wig wishes they owned it.

Many women worldwide are thinking of buying highlight wigs into their closet if they do not already own one. The amazing qualities and beautiful appearance make it one of a kind. But sometimes, you may get tired of the highlight colour. For instance, let us assume you have only one highlight wig amongst many other black wigs. The highlight wig is the only type of wig colour change you have. That way, anytime you feel like changing your look to the highlight wig, it is obvious. Therefore, your highlight wig is not exactly performing the task of changing your face since people can predict it. In such cases, the highlight wig will not look so attractive anymore. Mostly, you will stop wearing the wig and probably start saving for another wig. However, it is better to Dye your highlight wig into another colour than to give up on the wig. Dying your highlight wig can be easy or difficult; it depends on the wig type. If your highlight wig is synthetic, dying is a bit complex, but if it isn’t, dying is not complex. This guide will show you how to Dye your human highlight wigs

Choose your hair Dye color

The first thing you need to do is to choose a color. Your color choice should be influenced by what will suit you perfectly. Also, ensure you always choose a darker shade of color. There are dyes of lighter colors, but they are not effective on a wig.

Mix with a suitable developer

For your Dye to last on your highlight wig, you need to mix it with a great developer. Mostly, the Dye manufacturers take time out to produce their developers to align with their dyes. Other developers may work with your Dye, but it may not be as effective as using the appropriate product.

Test Dye color shade on a few strands

After you mix your Dye in a bowl, use a small brush to try it out on a few strands. Wait for a few minutes to check out the color. You should do this in a clear ray of light so you can see it. When you are satisfied, you can fully immerse your wig into the Dye mix. After all parts of the wig have been dyed, Comb it continuously and allow it to dry. While combing, check for places that do not have the Dye properly and correct with a small brush. You can now wash your wig and add conditioner. Ensure you allow the wig to dry correctly to wash it.