Regular Issues That Occurs While Using Pressure Washer and How to Fix Them

For most household owners, the pressure washer has been a machine that has helped to make cleaning easier and faster for them. So many people rely on the pressure washer for their cleaning operations that they cannot afford to have a damaged washer. As much as we try to avoid any damage to our pressure washer, they will still get damaged. Therefore it is essential that you know these issues and how to fix them yourself. As we continue in this article, we will be looking at a few of these issues that happen using pressure washers and how to repair them.

Common Pressure Washer Damages

  • Low Pressure:This issue occurs due to incorrect nozzle size or worn out the nozzle. When either of these happens, there’s usually low pressure of water coming from the washer. To repair this, all that has to be done is to ensure that the right nozzle size is used.
  • Leaking Pressure Washer:Leaks from the pressure might be leaks from the water tank, or the oil tank and broken seals cause this. When there is a broken seal, water or oil tends to leak out from there, causing a reduction in the performance level of the pressure washer. However, such problems can be prevented by checking all the seals from time to time, making sure the seals are replaced at least two times in a year. Broken plungers also cause leaks.
  • Sudden Shut Down:This is a common issue that occurs to almost everyone when using the pressure washer. This issue comes up when the machine is out of fuel or oil. To prevent this from happening, you must make it a habit to always check the oil and fuel level from time to time, most especially before using it.
  • Pressure Washer Not Firing Up:In cases where the washer refuses to start up, you could first inspect the lubricant and fuel level of the machine, and if both checks out, you should take a look at the primer and pump the fuel primer like 6 or 7 times and then try to start it up again. If the pressure washer still doesn’t start up after all this, you should probably let the washer rest for a while before running the choke valve to modify the air pressure.
  • No Pressure:Sometimes, the pressure washer won’t give out any pressure, which can occur because of a faulty pump inlet valve or unloader valve. Therefore, to solve this issue, it is advised that if those two are clogged, we should have them cleaned up, and if after cleaning, the problem persists, then the valves need to be replaced entirely.


Pressure washer issues are always bound to happen. Without the proper knowledge on how to fix these issues, we sometimes question ourselves whether a pressure washer is really worth investing in, most especially for people who get to clean heavy-duty dirt. However, with the kind of information given in this article, we now know some of these issues and what to do if they happen to our pressure washer.