Transparent Sticky Notes – An Ultimate Guide

Stick notes are one of the most exciting inventions in the educational field that ultimately turn the table of boring and colorless reading. However, the transparent sticky notes are real game-changer for the readers who love making notes and highlighting the key points.

Today, the sticky notes take a step from traditional paper sticky notes to transparent sticky notes. Transparent sticky notes ingeniously cover all the flaws of paper sticky notes and become popular in the market.

This article will explain to you how transparent sticky notes are different than the regular sticky pads and what the applications of these innovative translucent sticky notes are. So, keep reading!

Difference Between Transparent And Paper Post-It Notes

• Material

Transparent sticky notes are usually made from PET, a lightweight and clear plastic. These notes are thin enough to see on the other side. However, the regular sticky notes are made of good-quality thick paper. These papers cover the entire underlying subject.

• Water Protection

Transparent sticky notes are water-resistant as they are made of plastic, but the regular paper post-it notes are not proof to water.

• Price

As the translucent sticky notes are made of PET, these notes are a bit more in cost than the paper notes.

• Usability

Transparent sticky notes can be reused up to 5 times. If the adhesive surface of these notes will not remain sticky, wash the note, and it will stick again after drying.

The regular paper stick notes cannot be used more than two times. These papers quickly lose their stickiness, usually after a single-use.

Uses of Transparent Sticky Notes

• Take Notes

Like regular sticky notes, transparent sticky notes can also be used to note the additional points. But with these notes, you don’t need to remove the note every time to read the underlying page.

• Highlighting and Marking

Transparent sticky notes highlight the important points in the books and notebooks. These notes are the perfect solution for those who habitually underline essential points but don’t want to highlight them on book pages.

Other than highlighting, you can mark and link the important paragraphs and points in the book by using these notes.

• To-Do-List on Desktop

Transparent sticky notes can be used on computer screens even while working, as these notes do not block the view. You can insert your to-do list on the computer screen to remember your tasks.

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Things to Consider Before Purchasing

While purchasing the transparent note pads, check the

  • Price
  • Size of notes
  • Number of notes
  • Choose between single or multicolor
  • Product review


Transparent sticky notes make highlighting and marking a lot easier than ever. Now you don’t need to worry whether you are reading a library book or a friend’s book. You can make your reading colorful and interesting by using these pads.