Water Saving Shower Heads: All You Need To Know

The water conservation approach is getting more substantial due to the growing water demand. People are trying their best to minimize their water use on large and small scales. The shower head manufacturing industry is also introducing advanced technologies to play its role in water saving.

According to surveys, an average family consumes up to 40 gallons/day. Based on this ratio, >1 trillion gallons of water is used in the United States annually.

Water-saving shower heads are introduced in the market to reduce residential water usage. This article will explain to you what these shower heads are and which mechanisms are applied to them to save water.

If you are interested in this fantastic invention, stay with us!

What Are Water-Saving Shower Heads?

Water-saving shower heads are designed to minimize water consumption by up to 50% by providing the same comfort and showering experience as any other shower head. These shower heads offer a simple and convenient solution to restrict your water volume.

What Makes Water-Saving Shower Heads?

Here are some mechanisms that are used in these shower heads for water conservation;

1. Adjustable Spray Pattern

The water saving shower head comes up with adjustable spray patterns for both high and low water pressure generation. About 6 to 12 different spray patterns are used in these showers to provide luxurious showering time.

2. Flow Regulator

Flow regulators or restrictors are an accessory used in shower heads to control the water flow in showers. These regulators are usually used to restrict the high-pressure water output of showers so you can ultimately consume less water while showering.

Flow regulators guarantee that you will use only a limited amount of water to save energy and water bill.

3. Non-Aerated Methods

In many shower heads, non-aerated mechanisms are used to reduce water usages, such as small nozzles to improve water pressure, rubber nozzles to reduce mineral deposition, and others.

The shower heads with rubber nozzles are specially designed so no contaminants will clog in shower head holes to reduce water pressure.

4. Motion Sensors

The motion-sensing shower head is the advanced approach for easy operation and water preservation. These showers have motion sensors that detect the person’s presence to turn on and off. This mechanism immediately shuts off the water flow without wasting even one extra water flow.

Final Verdict

The water-saving shower heads are commonly available in the market at almost the same price as any other shower head. For rubber nozzle and aerated shower head collection, check declinko for cutting-edge designs and quality.

Other than using water-saving shower head, there are many practices that you can adopt to save water in daily life. If you cannot afford the replacement of your conventional shower head with this new type, try to conserve water while showering by managing different approaches.